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All sportscards I list will be at least Excellent to Near Mint (sportscards terms) or better unless mentioned in the description. These have all been collector kept since I received them but the prior owner may not have taken as much action to protect them as I have.

Players Included:

Steady Ed Headrick (2)

John Ahart

Rick Voakes

Sylvia Voakes

Bob Harris

Michelle Wade

Jeff Homburg

Dale Fritz

Jim Olsen JR,

Wil West

David Greenwell/Ken Climo

V “Terry McCulley”

Johnny Roberts’

Brad Reining Jr.

Ken Climo

Nick Sartori

Graham Walker

Stan McDainel

Max Hilgers

J. Gary Drophoho

Steven T. Kohman

Roye Racinowski

Paul Harris

Hartmut Wahrmann

Bob Waidmann Jr.

Glen Whitlock

Jeff Homburg

Jim Edwards

Gregg Hosfeld

Urs Handtke

1994 Checklist