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All sportscards I list will be at least Excellent to Near Mint (sportscards terms) or better unless mentioned in the description. These have all been collector kept since I received them but the prior owner may not have taken as much action to protect them as I have.

These boxes are not sealed but the cards look to be in good shape. Keep in mind they are 30 years old and the previous owner may not have taken the greatest care of these.

Players Included:

Team Huntington Beach

Marcus Cisneros

Graham Walker

Rudy Fernandez

Ray Carr

John Kimball

Juliana Bower

Timmy Gill

John Ahart

Ken Climo

Will Maxham

Tom Clickner

Paul Harris Memorial

Don Olow

Jeff Homburg

Urs Handtke

Paul Francz

Bob Dodge

Amye Rosenthal

Wil West


Royce Racinowski

J. Gary Dropcho