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These cards are all inserts sets and not included in what is called the base set. The 24 All Star cards (12 MPO and 12 FPO) are included in the 100 count box sets however. There also are 15 Event Champions cards which highlight the MPO and FPO winner for each of 14 DGPT events plus the Tour Championship. Then there are 12 Special Edition cards (6 MPO and 6 FPO) which are a black and white card that have special photography from Kevin Huver. Next are the 8 different Foil Hero cards (4MPO and 4 FPO) which have a unique look and more color.


Please see my other listings for the 2023 DGPT singles from the base set (50 MPO and 25 FPO), complete hand made base sets of 75 cards, as well as if I have any complete insert sets.

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Subset/Card #/ Player Name

All Star – A1F Kristin Tattar, All Star – A2F Paige Pierce, All Star – A3F Catrina Allen, All Star – A4F Ohn Scoggins, All Star – A5F Valerie Mandujano, All Star – A6F Missy Gannon, All Star – A7F Evellina Salonen, All Star – A8F Kat Mertsch, All Star – A9F Henna Blomroos, All Star – A10F Holyn Handley, All Star – A11F Sarah Hokom, All Star – A12F Ella Hansen, All Star – A1M Ricky Wysocki, All Star A2M Paul McBeth, All Star – A3M Calvin Heimburg, All Star – A4M Gannon Buhr, All Star – A5M Chris Dickerson, All Star – A6M Matthew Orum, All Star – A7M Isaac Robinson, All Star – A8M Simon Lizotte, All Star – A9M Kyle Klein, All Star – A10M Joel Freeman, All Star – A11M James Conrad, All Star – A12M Kevin Jones, Event Champions – E1 Las Vegas Challenge, Event Champions – E2 Waco, Event Champions – E3 Texas States, Event Champions – E4 Jonesboro Open, Event Champions – E5 Dynamic Discs Open, Event Champions – E6 OTB Open, Event Champions – E7 Portland Open, Event Champions – E8 Preserve Championship, Event Champions – E9 LWS Open at Idlewild, Event Champions – E10 Discraft Great Lakes Open, Event Champions – E11 Ledgestone Open, Event Champions – E12 Des Moines Challenge, Event Champions – E13 Green Mountain Championships, Event Champions – E14 MVP Open, Event Champions – E15 Tour Championships, Special Edition – SE1 Ezra Aderhold, Special Edition – SE2 Chris Dickerson, Special Edition – SE3 Missy Gannon, Special Edition – SE4 Calvin Heimburg, Special Edition – SE5 Alexis Mandujano, Special Edition – SE6 Paul McBeth, Special Edition – SE7 Kat Mertsch, Special Edition – SE8 Kona Panis, Special Edition – SE9 Ohn Scoggins, Special Edition – SE10 Nate Sexton, Special Edition – SE11 Kristin Tattar, Special Edition – SE12 Ricky Wysocki, Hero Series – HS1 Henna Blomroos, Hero Series – HS2 Calvin Heimburg, Hero Series – HS3 Hailey King, Hero Series – HS4 Simon Lizotte, Hero Series – HS5 Valerie Mandujano, Hero Series – HS6 Eagle McMahon, Hero Series – HS7 Paige Pierce, Hero Series – HS8 Nate Sexton