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We do our best to accurately describe each disc. Be aware there may be minor storage wear on any disc I list but anything significant will be mentioned in the items description. All of my discs are new/unthrown unless mentioned as USED in the title or description.

MVP states, “MVP Art Director Mike Inscho brings us another masterpiece with the CyberWave, a triple-foil Fission™ Wave Special Edition. Listen as the Synth Warrior creates the ultimate shield in a battle of immense auditory power. Suit up, lock-in, and be prepared for battle on the course with booming drives and effortless glide from the new Fission™ Wave.

The defining characteristic of the Wave is its balance of turn and fade. Its shallow turn is capable of extending lines while its fade is subtle but reliable enough to range and place shots. High powered throwers will see turn and hyzerflip tendencies from the Wave, while average power throwers may need a headwind assistance or anhyzer release to activate the turning capabilities of the Wave. Beginners will find a useable, yet quite overstable flight in the Wave, due to the high power requirements of wide-rimmed distance drivers. The Wave is versatile and can perform a number of stable-understable roles.”

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 1 in

Minty Green with Black, Holofoil, and Fuschia Stamp 157g, White with Black, Holofoil, and Fuschia Stamp 162g, Yellow with Black, Holofoil, and Fuschia Stamp 175g, Yellowish Green with Dark Purplish Swirls and Black, Holofoil, and Fuschia Stamp 175g, Red with a Silver holofoil, black, and fuschia stamp 161 grams, Yellowish swirled with light purple and a purple halo inside the rim with a silver holofoil , black and fuschia stamp 166 grams