It’s time to get your hands on these 2016 cards before they disappear into people’s collections forever. These are highly sought after as being the first real disc golf trading card set of the modern era. There were a few sets in the early to mid 90’s but they came about during the “Mass-Produced” time-frame of sportscards in general and were not of the quality of these cards. Not to diminish anyone who played during that time-frame, but at that time the disc golf “tour” was still developing into what it is today. Also a few other sets produced 1 disc golfer (World Champions) in their sets of other sports or other themes so this is the first that truly took the top touring players and put them all in one set.

The Venues were inserted 1 in every 5 packs and the Champions cards were inserted 1 in every 20 packs. The print run on the Venues was 40 per card and the print run on the Champions cards was only 15!

Essentially every card in this set could be considered the players Rookie Card which are always the most sought after cards of each player. One player who exists in a “playing card” set is David Feldberg, so I indicated that as his First DGPT card even though it may or may not be considered a rookie . . . this would need to be better defined because of the rareness and production/distribution of those older sets of cards.

I consider all of these cards to be at least Excellent to Near Mint or better. There are no creases, only minor issues with corners or edges or very minor surface scratching. I don’t want anyone thinking they will be getting a gem mint perfect card that would grade 10/10 although it is possible. These were boxed away for many years after opening all of the packs until the cards became very desired again last year and I have since penny sleeved them all. I only took them out of the penny sleeves for these photos.

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FPO #3 Valarie Jenkins, FPO #4 Paige Pierce, FPO #5 Madison Walker, FPO #6 Holly Finley, FPO #7 Zoe Andyke, FPO #8 Lisa Fajkus, FPO #9 Lesli Todd, FPO #11 Melody Waibel, MPO #2 Cale Leiviska, MPO #5 Paul McBeth, MPO #6 James Conrad, MPO #7 Bradley Williams, MPO #8 Alex Geisinger, MPO #9 Nate Sexton, MPO #11 Nikko Locastro, MPO #13 Gregg Barsby, MPO #14 Dustin Keegan, MPO #15 Cameron Todd, MPO #16 Jeromy Koling, MPO #17 Devan Owens, MPO #18 Allen Hermosillo, MPO #19 Matt Dollar, MPO #20 Dutch Napier, MPO #21 Shasta Criss, MPO #22 Paul Oman, MPO #24 Eagle McMahon, MPO#25 A. J. Risley, MPO #27 James "Snappy" Cole, MPO #28 Nate Perkins, MPO #29 Jordan Castro, MPO #30 Samuel Henderson, MPO #32 Peter McBride, MPO #35 Chris Dickerson, MPO #36 Collin Bailey, MPO #37 George Beno, MPO #38 Joshua Childs, MPO #39 Don Smith, MPO #40 Curtis Manahan, MPO #43 Cody Bradshaw, MPO #44 Mitch Privette, MPO #46 Patrick Brown, MPO #49 Ben Callaway, Venue Card – Vibram Open