The Disc Barn is a retail store located at W185 N7493 Narrow Lane in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin. It isn’t your typical strip mall retail setup, it literally is a barn. OK let me explain . . .I also own a landscape company that rents office and shop space on the same property so this was the most logical place for me to have a store. Don’t worry there are no farm animals running around, its just office space inside an old barn.


I have hired an employee (Mason Maxwell) who has extensive disc knowledge like me so we are able to post that one of us will be available in the store 12PM to 6 PM every weekday at least for the spring through fall season. Weekends will be hit or miss so its still best to text ahead of time to find out our schedule but our hope is someone is available at least 4 hours most Saturdays of the year. Sundays will be less frequent as everyone needs a day to relax!


Normal Summertime Schedule (April through November):

  • Monday: 12PM until 6PM
  • Tuesday: 12PM until 6PM
  • Wednesday: 12PM until 6PM
  • Thursday: 12PM until 6PM
  • Friday: 12PM until 6PM
  • Saturdays and Sundays vary depending if I am running or playing a tournament but I am usually on site for a few hours each weekend unless I am out of town.

Normal Wintertime Schedule (December through March):

  • Monday: 12PM until 4PM
  • Tuesday: 12PM until 4PM
  • Wednesday: 12PM until 4PM
  • Thursday: 12PM until 4PM
  • Friday: 12PM until 4PM
  • Saturdays and Sundays vary because I do host leagues both mornings in winter so if I am available its usually after 12 or 1 PM for a few hours.