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This listing is for individual Insert cards from the 2022 DGPT trading card set including some cards only found from opening packs. The James Conrad Holy Shot card which was only available in the 100 count sets and there were only 230 of them made. The All Star cards (Top 12 Women and Top 12 Men) were included in the 100 Count sets or available in packs. The Event Winners cards were not available in either the 75 or 100 card sets and were only available through packs. The Award Winners (Most Improved Player, Rookie of the Year, Player of the Year for both Mens and Womens) were only available through opening packs. The Tour and Points Champions cards which have a glittery look to them were only available by opening packs.

Odds of finding these inserts was as follows:

Event Champions 1:2 packs

All-Star 1:3 packs

Awards 1:8 packs

Tour/Points Champion 1:24 packs

These cards are all Near Mint or better. The common issues with this years cards are some slight white edges but NONE of these cards have scratches, dings, bent corners, or other imperfection that would make them less than “Near Mint” in the card collector’s terminology.

Additional information

Card Number/Type/Player(s)

E1 Las Vegas Challenge Pierce/McMahon, E2 Waco Panis/Locastro, E3 Jonesboro Open Catrina Allen/Wysocki, E4 OTB Open Pierce/McMahon, E5 Portland Open Pierce/McMahon, E6 Des Moines Challenge Gannon/McBeth, E7 Great Lakes Open Tattar/McMahon, E8 The Preserve Tattar/Wysocki, E9 Ledgestone Open Pierce/Wysocki and Heimburg, E10 Idlewild Open Pierce/Klein, E11 MVP Open Catrina Allen/Hammes, E12 Green Mountain Championship Hailey King/Dickerson, E13 Tour Champioship Gannon/Queen, AS1 Paige Pierce, AS2 Catrina Allen, AS3 Missy Gannon, AS4 Sarah Hokom, AS5 Hailey King, AS6 Jessica Weese, AS7 Kona Panis, AS8 Lisa Fajkus, AS9 Heather Young, AS10 Deann Carey, AS11 Ohn Scoggins, AS12 Kristin Tattar, AS1 Ricky Wysocki, AS2 Eagle McMahon, AS3 Calvin Heimburg, AS5 Adam Hammers, AS6 Kyle Klein, AS7 Kevin Jones, AS8 James Conrad, AS9 Chris Dickerson, AS10 Drew Gibson, AS11 Andrew Marwede, AS12 Matthew Orum, MIP Most Improved Kyle Klein, ROY Rookie of the Year Juliana Korver, ROY Rookie of the Year Gannon Buhr, POY Player of the Year Missy Gannon, POY Player of the Year Ricky Wysocki, TC Tour Champion Missy Gannon, TC Tour Champion Nathan Queen, PC Paige Pierce, PC Ricky Wysocki