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There are 23 base player cards and one for Hogan the dog.


There are also rare cards included (Only available by opening Hobby boxes). Lots of serial numbered cards (1 for each of the 23 players plus Hogan the dog #’d/75), game used relics (discs and shirts for most of the players) #’d/30, autos #’d/25, Dual Autos #’d/25 and #’d/1, Triple Autos #’d/25 and #’d/1, 5X World Champion cards of Paige Pierce and Juliana Korver #’d/5 and #’d/1, 5X World Champion cards with Pierce/Korver #’d/5 and #’d /1, and the Holy Grail AKA Holy Shot James Conrad cards #’d/25, #’d/5, and #’d/1.


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Card #/Player/Description

1 Bradley Williams, 2 Colten Montgomery, 3 Connor O'Reilly, 4 Corey Ellis, 5 Ella Hansen, 6 Ezra Aderhold, 7 Hogan the dog, 8 Holyn Handley, 9 James Conrad, 10 Jeremy Koling, 11 Joel Freeman, 12 Juliana Korver, 13 Kevin Jones, 14 Leah Tsinajinnie, 15 Luke Humphries, 16 Matt Bell, 17 Missy Gannon, 18 Nate Perkins, 19 Nate Sexton, 20 Paige Pierce, 21 Patrick Brown, 22 Ricky Wysocki, 23 Thomas Gilbert, 24 Tim Barham, Holy Shot – James Conrad #'d /25