We do our best to accurately describe each disc. Be aware there may be minor storage wear on any disc I list but anything significant will be mentioned in the items description. All of my discs are new/unthrown unless mentioned as USED in the title or description.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Pink with some yellow to beige bursts and a green lazer stamp 170-72 grams, Light yellow with some orange and pink swirls and a blue wavy stamp 173-74 grams, Yellow center with an aqua-green rim with some bright yellow bursts and a flag stamp 170-72 grams, Blue with black swirls and yellow to green bursts and a flat white stamp 173-74 grams, Light purple with light blue to purple swirls and a gold wavy stamp 173-74 grams, Pinkish purple with some darker purple and creamy bursts and a green pixel stamp 170-72 grams, Mostly purple with very small orange bursts and a silver wavy stamp 173-74 grams, Bright peachy red with some creamier bursts and a creamy pink rim and a blue amoeba stamp 173-74 grams, Mostly pink with minor creamy swirls and a silver linear mirror stamp 170-72 grams, Bright pink with some creamy bursts and a pink floral stamp 167-69 grams