The early years of The Disc Golf Experience were all about seeing as much as I could see and doing as much as I could do in the sport as possible. Like I stated in the last blog entry I joined the PDGA within 10 days of starting the game, I played 7 courses out of state before ever playing 1 in my home state. By the time I returned to Wisconsin from that first roadtrip to Florida I already knew where all the courses were around my home area and wrote up a list and started checking them off 1 by 1, or sometimes 5-10 at one time. Little did I know some courses were closed in the winter, but I eventually learned to do research before heading to a course. I started taking mini road trips where I would check off a section of town by playing all of the listed courses on DGCR. I’d hit anything that was there . . . even if it was a 2 hole course (Kops Park became infmaous on DGCR). I still jokingly say I have the course record of (-2) because noone has ever posted an ace for that course. It just didn’t matter to me . . if it was 2 holes, if it used cut up 55 gallon plastic drums or bike wheel frames and chain. If it was meant for a disc to be thrown at it, I would play it and add it to my list. I don’t want to stake claim to “Course Collecting” by any means as there were plenty of people before me (Avery Jenkins and Gregg Hosfeld to name 2 of the most well-known who had also been playing at least a decade prior to me finding the sport) who would also play whatever they found whenever they travel, but I do believe I had a real impact in the online disc golf community as I became known as one of the guys who would simply play anywhere there was a basket. I also eventually became the 2nd quickest to reach 1000 courses behind only Matt Sime (Martin Dewgarita on DGCR) and that remains very special to me because I set out with a goal and I achieved it (and I am still currently achieving it as I approach 1100 courses in my 11th year playing the sport. If you want to checkout my list of courses played my DGCR username is harr0140.

This map shows every course I’ve played by June 1st, 2019. 10 years and 5 months since I first played the game.