Education and Professional Experience:

  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Horticulture from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Class of 1999.
  • 20 plus year career in Lawn Care, Landscape Design and Management, as well as Golf Course Management.

Course Design:

When you hire me to design your disc golf course you can rest assured that I have an extensive background and relatable education to back up my intensive disc golf course travels. While I am a disc golfer also, my main focus is the feasibility of the property to have disc golf but also the safety and sustainability of that course to thrive for a long time.

I will answer all of your questions honestly and professionally, listen to your goals and expectations for a course on your property, and work diligently to ensure that the course design I produce meets your expectations but also considers the local disc golf community and surrounding area. My goal on every course I design is to provide multiple skill levels (not necessarily all skill levels) of disc golfers with an excellent disc golf experience in terms of variety, excitement, challenge, and natural beauty. From the moment I set foot on your property until the course has been completely installed I will strive for these goals while keeping safety and sustainability in the front of my mind. I want this disc golf course to be enjoyed by many for as long as possible.

Course Installation Services:

  • Pre-Construction Location and Marking: Marking of plant material to be removed, thinned, limbed up, or added to prepare for installation. Marking of locations and orientation for all course equipment (baskets, tee signs, directional signs, safety signs, a course/park kiosk, benches, garbage cans, etc).
  • Construction and Installation: Tee post and Tee sign design and installation, Basket assembly and sleeve installation, Bench assembly and installation, Teepad installation (depending on material used), Small tree and shrub planting
  • Over-sight or Supervision of installation by your staff

Consultation Services:

  • Feasibility Reports for the addition of a disc golf course to a specific property or scouting of several properties to help narrow down the decision making process to provide the best course possible
  • Budget formulation for all levels of disc golf course design, construction, and implementation
  • Equipment Recommendations and/or Sales: Baskets, various tee surfaces, safety and tee signage, kiosks, and more

Post Construction Services:

Social Media Presence: In order to build a community that respects and appreciates your disc golf course, there needs to be a presence that shows mutual respect is given to those who use the course. I will setup and monitor a facebook group that allows people to help find and return lost and found discs, learn about upcoming and area leagues and tournaments, meet new people who share a love for this sport and their local course, and most importantly welcomes them into the local disc golf community.

League and Tournament Facilitation: Small events can go a long way to create community around a course. If you have a championship level course and want to use it as a way to bring people to your area please let me work with you, your visitor’s and convention’s bureau, chamber of commerce, and anyone who would benefit from the influx of people from all over for a larger event. DISC GOLFERS Travel long distances for the best disc golf experiences . . .so let’s find a way to tap into that market by offering a large tournament or event at your course!


Golf Course, Private Resort, Ski Hill, Campground, Youth Camp, or other private property owners

Are you looking to diversify your properties amenities or expand your list of services to include the addition of disc golf? Have you considered the additional revenues you could be taking advantage of by adding disc golf to your property? I will analyze your property and your business structure to provide you with an honest assessment of what I think disc golf can provide for you, your customers, and your community. Disc golf can be a profitable business . . . especially when combined with other amenities because once it is in the ground the additional maintenance required for a disc golf course is fairly minimal, especially if on a wooded property where there is minimal grass to be mowed or a golf course where the grass is already being maintained!